Pensions are simple in concept, but can be complex in practice. It is vital to seek expert advice in order to ensure that correct planning is arranged.

In its simplest form, a pension is a fund that you build up over your working life in order to help provide an income for yourself and your family throughout your retirement.

Whilst most people can rely on some level of state pension, the amounts currently available make it necessary to consider additional pension arrangements as an essential part of your financial planning.

The Pension Planning Process

In order to assess your position and advise you correctly, we will need to understand your previous history and any existing pension contracts you may have.

We conduct an in depth review of your present arrangements, and assess the level of pension that these may be expected to provide at retirement. This is then compared to your anticipated requirements in retirement and we aim to provide practical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Retirement Options

Many people take their pension benefits at retirement simply by accepting the maximum tax free cash available and the remainder as income in the form of an annuity offered by their pension provider.

There are many alternatives available which may potentially increase your level of income throughout your retirement, for example, considering an alternative annuity provider.

It is therefore extremely important that advice is sought prior to retirement in order that you may maximise the benefits from your accumulated retirement funds.