Life Assurance

Life Assurance is invaluable for many reasons :

  • Mortgage. It is used to pay off the mortgage balance on death.
  • Money for dependants. It can help maintain your family‚Äôs standard of living should you die prematurely.
  • Money for business. It can be used to repay outstanding business debts and ensure money is available to provide for the families of deceased partners or co-directors. Insurance can also be taken out to provide for the replacement of any director or key employee.

Many people already have some life assurance, and in many cases this will be sufficient for their needs, although as needs and circumstances change, it may need updating.

Critical Illness

Modern medicine has increased the survival rate for some illnesses, although they may require a longer recovery period and the financial stresses associated with a prolonged absence from work are not a great aid to recovery.

A Critical Illness policy could provide you with a lump sum payment, or a regular income that will allow you to take sufficient time off work and thus concentrate on your recovery.

Income Protection

One of the most devastating things that can happen to some people during their normal working life is to become ill or disabled, and therefore unable to work.

What would happen if you became too ill to work? Would you be able to keep up the mortgage payments? What state benefits would you be entitled to, if any? How long would your savings last and how long would your employer pay you?

These are the first questions people ask themselves when told they are unable to work for a prolonged period of time.

Income protection ensures that you continue to receive a regular income if you are unable to work owing to long term sickness or accident.

We will be pleased to provide quotes that suit your needs as part of our overall advisory service.