There are many types of investments, each of which has differing structures, tax treatments and implications to the investor.

Some examples are:-

  • Stocks & Shares (Equities)
  • National Savings
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Gilts and Fixed Interest Securities
  • Insurance Bonds
  • PEP's & ISA's
  • Annuities
  • Unit Trusts / OEICS
  • Investment Trusts

These investment areas are not stand alone products. They may all form part of an investment portfolio which is tailored to your individual requirements.

Everyone wants a high return, no risk investment. It doesn’t exist.

All you can do is understand the potential risks and returns associated with each investment, and make your investment decisions accordingly.

No one wishes to lose money, but most people are aware that for additional gain there is always increased risk. However, there are many different types of risk:-

  • The risk that the buying power of your capital reduces over time
  • That you lose all your money
  • That the growth you experience is variable
  • That you may get back less than you invested
  • That you do not achieve one of your objectives
  • That you lose out on potentially better returns

It is our objective to ensure that whatever investment we recommend, any risk involved has been fully explained and is acceptable to you.

Please be aware however, the value of investments can fall as well as rise, and past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.