Through our audit registration authorised by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, Hindle Jepson & Jennings Limited are able to audit the financial statements of any organisation.

Although many smaller entities now qualify for exemption from audit of their financial statements, there are many occasions when the investment in audit can provide substantial commercial benefits, some examples of which are as follows:-

  • An audit can provide the directors with assurance that their responsibilities for the preparation of the company’s financial statements under Companies Act legislation have been met.

  • An audit of a company’s financial statements may enhance its borrowing power and credit facilities.

  • In the event of the sale of your business, an audit may assist the smooth completion of the transaction, and enhance the purchaser’s confidence in the company’s accounts and financial information provided.

  • A full audit enables the auditor to therefore gain a fuller understanding of an entity’s systems and controls, allowing constructive advice in these areas to be given to the client. Improved procedures and tightened controls may well assist in the prevention of financial fraud.